Blackhand Studios, a non-profit software development group, is dedicated to supporting and creating new applications for the Command and Conquer: Renegade community. Founded by some of the most well-known programmers and modders from the C&C community, such products as BlazeRegulator (BR.Net), BlazeRotate, custom scripts.dll for C&C Renegade, official C&C Renegade forums, and RenGuard™ are all a part of Blackhand Studios. Blackhand Studios is also working on some improvements to the core Renegade game engine itself (fixing some bugs, some new maps featuring preset changes such as the recon bike and some improvements to the mod tools)

Today, Blackhand Studios is recognized at the leading authority on all things Renegade, and provides full time support of the Renegade community. What is in store for the future of Blackhand Studios, only time will tell.

Blackhand Studios™ and RenGuard™ are Trademarks of Blackhand Studios

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