BRenBot is the Linux version of BlazeRegulator intended to be used on the Linux Free Dedicated Server. There is a windows port available.


RenGuard is a client/server application built to stop gamers from having an unfair advantage in online play. RenGuard allows server owners to know the people connecting aren't cheating, and allows gamers to know that no one playing with them has an unfair advantage.

Custom scripts.dll

The custom scripts.dll is a set of new gameplay scripts for C&C Renegade that provides many new features that mod and map makers can use.


Rentools is a collection of small utilities designed to work with renegade datafiles. The utilities include features for working with w3d files, textures and other parts of renegade.

LFDS Wrapper

The LFDS Wrapper is a wrapper for the LFDS that provides an interface similar to RenRem to replace the broken LFDS renrem support.


Blazerotate is a program for swapping renegade sounds so that when you play renegade, you can get a variaty of different sounds instead of the same one all the time.

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